Four evenings in Ziggo Dome, the magic of Hazes is exceptional and Glennis is enjoying every minute of it.

,,I am a fan of all songs by André Hazes, I grew up in the Jordaan (Amsterdam) and you used to hear his music constantly. But Amor Amor Amor stands out, especially in terms of youth sentiment. That came to me as a child already, although I hardly knew what it was about. His voice has always touched me enormously, perhaps also because I knew him personally. We often met each other during various performances. The most important thing he said to me was that I should stay true to myself. I always planned that, because I never denied myself. But if he said so, the king of the Dutch ‘levenslied’ (songs about life), that did something to me.’’


Source: Dennis Jansen, AD.nl

Photographer: Bart Heemskerk