This weekend Glennis her big dream was fulfilled when she met with the legendary producer and songwriter Kenneth Brian “Babyface” Edmonds. He has worked with many successful artists, his L.A. based studio is packed with gold- and platinum albums. I’m Your Baby Tonight, produced for Whitney Houston, was his first number 1 hit in the U.S.


Irene de Kom-Avogadri, manager of Glennis:

‘We played some of Glennis’ songs and she has also sung for him. Kenneth Edmonds praised her voice to be unique, but with the special emotion of Whitney Houston.’

De Kom-Avogadri says that Glennis and Babyface have ‘a very good personal chemistry’. The producer already has a project in mind for her. What that means, remains a secret. A follow-up appointment is scheduled. Glennis will be heading back to L.A. soon.


Source: Tom Tates, AD.nl

Photo credit: The Class Company