Ladies of Soul celebrate their 5th annual concert in the Ziggo Dome

On Saturday, March 24th 2018, the Ladies of Soul will be performing their annual concert for the fifth time. The anniversary concert will take place during the first spring weekend of 2018, and will therefore be a special edition. Tickets go on sale today and can be purchased on

Berget Lewis, Candy Dulfer, Edsilia Rombley and Glennis Grace will be the core performers of the Ladies of Soul in 2018. Trijntje Oosterhuis will star as a very special guest. She’ll be taking a break from her own tour, just to perform with the Ladies of Soul. Berget Lewis: “We’re happy Trijntje can be part of the event in this way, despite her busy schedule. We’re going to work or hardest to make this special celebration an amazing edition of Ladies of Soul and I’m already positive we’ll succeed. We’re bursting with inspiration and we have a shortlist of potential guest performers, who will take our show to the next level, not only on a musical level, but also on an entertainment level.”

Since the start of the Lades of Soul, the concept grew to be the party of the year for pop, soul, and R&B clsssics. Every year the Ladies of Soul put on a truly unique show, which is a perfect mix of songs you can dance to, as well as touching ballads.

Tickets for the 24th of March 2018 can be purchased here.